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closing hours. >> from record-breaking heat to snow in the hills, it will be an interesting week. we'll talk about it coming up. >> nothing like that on the roads. everything is status quo. we have morning roadwork that could slow you down. more coming up. good morning, it's monday, november 5. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. we begin this hour with breaking news from the east bay. an officer-involved shooting under investigation in fremont this morning. the investigation has central avenue closed near glen more this morning. a naked man armed with a knife refused to stop chasing his wife so the police shot and killed him. both officers are on paid leave. and new morning, a fire tears through a nail salon in pleasant hill. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene and tells us why investigators believe that this fire is suspicious. good morning, cate. reporter: it's what they found when they first got here
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that tipped them off. investigators are actually still here on the scene of the fire. contra costa fire investigator says he is right now sifting through the rubble looking for more evidence. but when firefighters first got here they found a molotov cocktail or homemade incendiary device just outside the nail salon or the magic touch salon. investigators found the fire was contained just to this business. and they were able to find out where it started. but at this point, they still don't know what sparked the blaze. >> when firefighters first arrived, they found the front window of the business broken open with heavy black smoke coming out. fairly localized fires they were able to put out fairly quickly with no obvious signs of how the fire may have started. so a closed business in the middle of the night, considering that, it may be suspicious. >> reporter: the fire inspector
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told me they got the call around 11:38 from a fire alarm that tipped them off and no one was injured. it also took them a short amount of time, about 20 minutes to put it out. this is an ongoing investigation. that inspector has been here since midnight when he was first called on to the scene. there are private contractors ready to board up this business. another thing that investigators are working on right now is to contact the owner of this business they said they made several attempts trying to call them and went to an address that was noted as their home but nobody was there. that's the next step in the investigation. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. police want to know who shot a 1-year-old girl in modesto. she was dropped off at the hospital and told officers she had been hit in a drive-by shooting. she was transported to children's hospital in oakland.
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the child is in critical but stable condition. interstate 5 has reopened south of sacramento at the scene of a very deadly crash there. four people were killed when an suv crossed the center median hit a sedan head on. seven other people were sent to the hospital. both cars rolled on impact and passengers ejected. the crash happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon in the city of elk grove. and there's an arrest for a had the run collision that put a santa rosa pedestrian in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the witness helped police find the suspect as car with some major damage to its front end and windshield. 30-year-old christian ballesteros from santa rosa is under arrest for felony hit-and- run after the collision yesterday. seven people are recovering after surviving a mishap off the marin county coast. four adults and three children were on a 25-foot boat when it flipped near the mouth of tomales bay yesterday
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afternoon. check it out. rescuers had to cut a hole in the hull to pull out two of the kids who had been trapped underneath. two others were rescued from the wart by helicopter. the other three made it to shore on their own. no one was wearing a life jacket. >> nobody was injured or killed. and the children and the parents were reunited and the it was a happy ending. >> it's still unclear what caused the boat to capsize but weather wasn't a factor. >> that's incredible, no life jackets. >> lawrence brought me tea this morning. >> we have been take care of you this morning. >> you have been. my throat is acting funny. >> only because i want something back. [ laughter ] >> is that what it is? breakfast. >> he want a bigger present for christmas! [ laughter ] great weather around the bay area lots of sunshine. we are going to see some records and you better enjoy it. we have some major changes coming in our direction.
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outside right now, we have mostly clear skies, the exception couple of patches of valley fog showing up in the north bay valleys. otherwise, we have temperatures all over the map right now, cool 49 degrees with some fog in santa rosa but a very mild 60 degrees in san francisco. 59 in oakland. and 51 degrees in concord. high pressure building in strong today with the offshore wind looks like we are going fossett some records all around the bay area today. enjoy the -- we're going to set some records all around the bay area today. enjoy the heat. numbers this afternoon as high as 84 degrees in redwood city, that's three degrees above the previous record. 81 in san francisco. if that happens that will be a record-breaker. lots of records going down all around the bay area, maybe one more day of that, too, but the latter part of the week, elizabeth, maybe some snow in our local hills. we'll talk more with that coming up. >> wacky weather. thank you, lawrence. as far as traffic goes we're pretty quiet still on this monday morning. we still don't have any big accidents. we continue to check our chp reports for any new incidents
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coming in. so far, so good. you can see across the bay bridge toll plaza. just a few headlights approaching the pay gates. to our maps. we have some areas of overnight roadwork and it's going to be in lanes for another few hours especially eastbound 580 from north lynn to greenville doing work in that area, brake lights in both directions on 580. the drive time in the commute direction westbound is about 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. 880 in oakland, headlights southbound. looks great down towards hayward, all the way down towards the san mateo bridge. no delay. otherwise in the south bay once again our live drive time sensors still picking up traffic moving at the limit not seeing any major overnight roadwork and your drive times are still in the green in the clear meaning top speeds. that's traffic. back to you guy [ applause and cheers ] i am not ready to give up on the fight and i hope you aren't either, new hampshire. i hope you aren't, either. >> i need iowa! i need iowa so we can win the white house and take back america!
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>> well, it's almost over. president obama and mitt romney are making one final push as this is the final day of campaigning before the big election tomorrow. here's susan mcginnis with a look at where the campaign trail leads on this election eve. she joins us live from washington, d.c. i imagine you're ready to have it finished. >> reporter: don't we wish it could all go on forever? the ads and the rallies? alas, this is the last chance they will have to crisscross the swing states trying to get last-minute undecided voters. reporter: president obama did a little dance in cincinnati where stevie wonder introduced him. also at ohio, mitt romney talked about the president's chances of winning. >> it's possible but not likely. >> reporter: the candidates have been burning up jet fuel crisscrossing the country.
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on sunday, president obama was in new hampshire, florida, ohio and colorado. >> i know a bunch of you already voted. >> yeah! >> but if you haven't, there's still time. >> reporter: today, he will hit more swing states, wisconsin, iowa and ohio before heading home to chicago for election day. >> after all we've been through together, we can't give up now. >> reporter: mitt romney's battleground bonanza sunday included iowa, ohio, virginia and pennsylvania. >> we're taking back the white house because we're going to win pennsylvania! >> reporter: today he will visit florida, ohio, virginia and new hampshire. >> if you are tired of being tired, not just tonight but all the time... >> reporter: both candidates saw huge crowds at their rallies this weekend. and both realize at this point it's all about getting as many people as possible into the election booth. >> that's what's going to decide this because frankly, there's very few if any undecided voters left. >> reporter: that's a fact even these candidates can agree
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with. >> we're no longer relevant now. we're props. ultimately it's up to you. you have the power. >> reporter: a power voters will exercise tomorrow. ... to help out the candidates. the president will be with bruce springsteen and jay-z. romney will be with marshall tucker band and then also kid rock. frank? >> wow. mitt romney and marshall tucker. that will be quite a scene to say the least. well, what is the word on the final pre-election polls? i would imagine it's still very tight, right? >> reporter: it's a dead heat when you talk about the popular vote those national polls. it's really too tight to even see. but if you are looking at the state by state electoral vote race there is a slim chance that the president's coming out ahead there in the states that will most likely decide the election. >> well, and they are going to be working big time today. any indication the aftermath of
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sandy will have an effect on people just voting period and on the election itself? >> yeah. it will have an effect on voter turnout. as far as the campaigning, it really gave an advantage to the president because it sort of stopped all the campaigning in its tracks and put the president on the national stage where he was able to be very presidential and show bipartisanship, you saw him there with chris christie. then while fewer people might get to the polls there's no discernible trace of which way those votes might lead so there's not -- there is not expected to be a big outcome impact. >> we'll find out tomorrow and results oners with. thank you, susan mcginnis live in d.c. be sure and stay with cbs 5 and for all your election coverage including live up-to-the-minute election night results from around the nation right here in california of course, the bay area, as well. one week after superstorm sandy slammed the east coast,
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new york is getting many subways running again. that's good news for commuters who are still having trouble finding gas for their cars and generators. power is slowly being restored with about 1.4 million outages still reported. yesterday's scheduled new york marathon was canceled so many runners helped victims of sandy. >> these marathoners, they are not even neighbors, probably not even staten islanders. look what they are doing. great. >> people in staten island come out to cheer us on every year so the at least we can do is help them out. >> me weather forecast is not good for thousands who lost everything. there's another storm on the way with freezing temperatures. our parent company, cbs corporation, has contributed a million dollars to the red cross. and cbs corporation will make a matching contribution to the american red cross for all
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sandy related contributions by employees of cbs. >> they turned the whole marathon fiasco into something very positive where a lot of the runners that have flown from all over the world actually pitched in. so that turned out okay. 5:12 now. tragedy hitting a u.s. zoo. how a small boy was mauled to death by some wild dogs. >> plus, on the hook. why muni is being stuck with the bill for this act of vandalism. >> and a basketball blooper. the halftime show that didn't quite go as planned. we'll be right back. that never happened. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that never happened. duringa timeout in the suns-magic game... a soldier misses a k off of the trampoline, rippg the net down and causing a g ame. his a dunk that didn't go as planned. during a time-out in the suns magic game a soldier misses a dunk off a trampoline ripping a net down and causing a long delay in the game. his comet rads couldn't help but laugh at him of the soldier won't injured during the attempt but was a little embarrassed. >> poor guy. >> i'm surprised they let a fan out of the stands and do something like that. >> he didn't mean to do that delay the entire game. >> of course. wanted to make the hoop and get applause. didn't work that way. liz, you're the hardest working gal in traffic. >> i am? >> today you are. you had to work yesterday.
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>> i worked yesterday morning, too. i know, but that extra hour makes a big difference. hopefully get to be a little more rested today this morning as you head off to work. more good news. the roads still free and clear all across the bay area. this is the san mateo bridge. that's westbound 92 still 14 or 15 minutes out of hayward. we checked in with chp and it's quiet across most of your bay area bridges. so yeah, not much to slow you down this morning. you will find a little bit of roadwork on the approach to the golden gate bridge. this was showing a little bit of slowing on our live drive time sensors but southbound 101 between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza is 14 minutes. roadwork in the northbound lanes from sir francis drake -- or between the waldo tunnel and sir francis drake. various lanes blocked. westbound 580 taillights moving westbound, so far, so good in the commute direction going against the commute we still
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have roadwork through areas of livermore. the eastbound lanes approaching north greenville. 880 the nimitz we like this camera. everything quiet towards downtown and the macarthur maze. that's a check of your time- saver traffic. for more on this crazy weather forecast, mother nature just cannot make up her mind. >> no. i know. we like it. i mean, today is going to be just something else outside. we had a beautiful weekend weather-wise. today is going to be warmer and lots of records being set outside. temperatures mainly in the 50s. we are seeing some patchy ground fog showing up in the north bay valleys into napa and santa rosa. so watch out for that early on this morning but this afternoon, enjoying that sunshine all the way to the coastline. it's a beach day and we won't have many of these days for t remainder of the year. 80s, a beautiful day everywhere in the bay area. high pressure holding on with the offshore wind bringing lots of sunshine coming our way today and into tomorrow. after that we have some major
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changes. records though likely for today around much of the bay area. these numbers returning a good 2 to 3 degrees above the previous records. around the bay area area today if you are flying out looking good sunny into the afternoon. trouble in other parts of the country. houston looking at thunderstorms. 82. 64 partly cloudy into denver a few showers maybe some thunderstorms into chicago. and about 46 degrees partly cloudy into new york. around the bay temperatures 83 degrees in san jose. about 80 degrees in half moon bay. east bay numbers up in the mid- 80s in the warmest spots and then inside the bay gorgeous weather. 70s and 80s. looking at some great weather the next couple of days but that's it. wednesday much cooler by thursday and friday. a chance of some showers and cold enough we could actually see some snow on our local mountaintops. wouldn't that be something? one extreme to the other. >> i was going to say if you doesn't like the weather, if you like it just wait it will change. and it is. okay. thank you. pennsylvania investigators are looking into the death of a young boy who apparently fell
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14 feet off a deck at the pittsburgh zoo which says he landed in an exhibit home to a pack of african painted dogs. the dogs promptly attacked and zookeepers couldn't stop them in time. it's not clear whether the young boy died from the fall or the attack. jurors resume deliberations today in the trial of a former san jose school principal. lyn vijkayendran of o.b. whaley elementary school is charged with failing to report former teacher craig chandler for sexual abuse. he was arrested and charged with committing lewd acts on a second greater in 2011. a scuffle between hayward police and a domestic violence suspect ended with the man in the hospital. officers say they were trying to restrain the man last night at the phoenix lodge when he suffered a medical emergency. a woman at the scene was not injured. muni is going to have to foot the bill for the bus that was destroyed in a fire during the post giants world series
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win celebration a week ago. according to the "san francisco chronicle," the city's insurance policy does not cover torching of buses, replacing it will cost $700,000. >> wow. >> a lot of money. the second day of a strike against raley's grocery store in northern california and nevada. the walkout began after contract talks broke off yesterday. the issue, there are many, medical benefits, elimination of premium pay for working sundays a proposed pay freeze. >> okay with the freeze. we just want to keep what we have and keep the medical that we have with the union but they want to take that away. basically when we retired they probably -- we would have no medical. >> raley's says it needs to cut costs because of a growing number of stores selling groceries now. this is the first strike in its 77-year history. encouraging news for drivers. prices at the pump have been dropping steadily over the past couple of weeks. the lundberg survey says prices
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dropped 21 cents since mid- october alone. the national average for a gallon of regular is now 3.55. however, in california, as we all know, a little higher, $3.98. and san francisco still holding the distinction for the nation's highest gas prices, $4.05 for a gallon here in the city. >> that's a distinction we don't want. >> no. we have had it for quite a while. >> no kidding. 5:21. another milestone for the new 49ers stadium. what construction crews will be begin doing today to help the project take shape. >> plus, the raiders stage an impressive comeback versus tampa bay. was it enough for the win? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some records around the bay area today. some 70s and mid-80s for highs, but not going to last. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and checking live traffic cameras across the bay area, the first two golden gate bridge and the bay bridge, quiet. but word of a new accident now on westbound 580 approaching the dublin interchange. more coming up. it's play-off time for the san jose earthquakes. >> it is. on the road last night against the l.a. galaxy first leg of the western
5:25 am
conference semifinals scoreless tie until san jose's victor bernardes scored on a free kick with just seconds to go. so the quakes now have a 1-0 lead going into wednesday night's home game. the series by the way will be determined on total goals in both games. oakland raiders fell behind in the 3rd quarter against tampa bay at home yesterday but nearly crime back and nearly sadly the keyword there. oakland got within 5 points and went for two extra points. palmer under pressure. there you go. kreiner hauled it in to get the raiders within three but then paul murray threw a pick and the raiders go on to lose to the bucs 42-32. tough loss for the raiders. the play of the day comes to the raiders game. late in the first half, palmer hits darius hayward-bey and he makes a beautiful one-handed catch. he's office! doesn't score but it eventually led to a touchdown. i had him on my bench yesterday
5:26 am
on my fantasy scores. i regret that. nelson got injured. you don't want to hear it song and dance. >> no. it's 5:26. it's down to the wire. the presidential candidates pulling out all the stops in the last day before the election. the final push to one over undecided voters. >> reporter: heavy police presence on central avenue in fremont where officers shot and killed a naked man who was chasing somebody with a knife. more details on this bizarre story coming up. >> and an arson investigation at an east bay strip mall. the suspicious object found at the scene. ,,,,,,
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where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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♪ [ girl ] dear santa... ♪ dear santa, i want a ballerina tutu, a pink bike, a unicorn night-light... [ female announcer ] this year, bring their wish list to life. [ girl ] ...princess doll, markers... [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> i'm not ready to give up on the fight and i hope you aren't
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either, new hampshire. >> i need iowa! i need iowa so we can win the white house and take back america! >> it's a sprint to the finish in the final hours of the presidential campaign. >> both candidates saw huge crowds at their rallies this weekend. >> more than 2 million people are still without power in the wake of superstorm sandy. >> gas shortages, power outages and now freezing temperatures hitting the east coast. >> i have two blankets. i tried to stay under it and keep warm but not easy. >> but sandy won't keep storm victims from voting. >> if i have to walk, ride, whatever, i'm going to get to my poll. >> i want to vote. nothing going to stop me. >> i want to do the right thing and i want to go back to work. >> for the first time in its 77- year history, workers at raley's have walked off the job. >> from across the bay -- >> rescuers frantically drilled a hole in the hull. >> -- to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning."
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good morning. it's monday, november 5. i'm amazing. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:31. breaking news in fremont this morning. a man is dead after an officer- involved shooting. major roads are closed while the investigation is under way. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at central avenue. what happened? >> reporter: i just got more information. behind me you can see this is an active scene along central avenue. two fremont police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave after killing a man who was attacking his wife. officers were called last night at around 11:00 to the 4500 block of central avenue. a woman who called said that her roommate was being attacked by her husband and he had a knife. when police showed up they found that man naked with a knife chasing after his wife. officers ordered him to stop. he would not so they shot him.
5:32 am
the 37-year-old man from san jose has died. one of the officers involved has been with the police department more than 20 years. the other is a three-year veteran. we don't know the motive for the initial attack and we also don't know why that man was naked. the pio told me the two although married were estranged. central avenue is closed from glen more drive to dusterberry way this morning. if you are heading that way avoid the area because at daylight it could be a traffic problem. elissa harrington, cbs 5, fremont. thank you. new this morning a fire gutting a nail salon at a strip mall in pleasant hill. and there are signs it was not an accident. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene to tell us why investigators are now calling this suspicious. cate. >> reporter: michelle, it's because of what they found when they first got here on scene and look, i want to show you right now, investigators are still here trying to figure out how it started.
5:33 am
this is what firefighters saw when they first got here, a molotov cocktail or makeshift bomb. the investigator i spoke to says they aren't sure if that's what started this fire but right now he is looking through the rubble for more evidence. that investigator also said they were able to pinpoint where the fire started at this magic touch salon and he was earlier using a hydrocarbon detector to check for any accelerants in that area. again, it is what firefighters found when they first got here that is raising a few eyebrows. >> when firefighters first arrived, they found the front window of the business broken open with heavy black smoke coming out and a fairly localized fire they were able to put out quickly with really no obvious signs of how the fire may have started. so closed business in the middle of the night that in itself, you know, you have to consider that it may be suspicious. >> reporter: the good news here is that the fire was contained to just the magic touch salon
5:34 am
and the firefighters got the alert from an alarm just after 11:30 last night. it only took them about 20 minutes to put it out. no one was around when it started. so thankfully, there were no injuries. now, back out live again, in addition to the fire investigator being here we also see some private contractors also ready to board up this business when it comes time. now, the challenge that they have right now is actually trying to get in touch with the owner. they did put in a few calls to the owner of this salon even went to an address linked to this business but they have not been able to get in touch with the person who owns this business. live in pleasant hill, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. seven people are safe after their boat capsized off the marin county coast. four adults and three children were on the 25-foot pleasure craft when it overturned yesterday afternoon near the mouth of tomales bay. you can see here rescuers had to cut a hole in the hull to pull out two of the kids who
5:35 am
had been trapped underneath. two others were rescued from the water by helicopter while the other three made it to shore on their own. no one was wearing a life jacket. >> this was a very happy ending today. nobody was injured. certainly nobody was killed. and the children and the parents were reunited and it was a very happy ending. >> it's still unclear what caused the boat to capsize but the coast guard says weather was not a factor. 5:35 now. this morning a one-year-old girl from modesto is in critical condition being treated for gunshot wounds. police in modesto said someone dropped off the girl at a local hospital yesterday and told officers the toddler had been hit with a drive-by shooting. later she was transferred to children's hospital in the bay area in oakland. this morning, that girl is in critical but stable condition. a driver facing felony hit- and-run charges after a pedestrian was run down in santa rosa near the intersection of guerneville road and coffee lane just after
5:36 am
midnight yesterday. a witness helped police find the car that apparently had severe damage nearby. 30-year-old christian ballesteros now under arrest for dui hit-and-run. the pedestrian is being treated for life-threatening injuries. at this time voters on the east coast will be casting their ballots. right now the presidential candidates are spending the final hours before the election in key battleground states. the "associated press" says it appears president obama has an edge toward the 270 electoral votes needed to win. polls suggest that colorado, wisconsin, ohio, new hampshire, virginia and florida could go for the president or republican challenger mitt romney for the electoral college votes. both campaigned in some of those states yesterday and will continue today. their focus has less to do with swing voters and more to do with making sure their supporters actually cast their
5:37 am
ballots. >> i know a bunch of you already voted. but if you haven't, there's still time. after all we have been through together, we can't give up now. >> we're taking back the white house because we're going to win pennsylvania! [ applause and cheers ] >> mitt romney will visit florida, virginia and new hampshire today. this is a live look right now at a rally in florida where romney is expected to arrive very soon. the president by the way will hit wisconsin, iowa and ohio before heading home to chicago for election day. you want to stay with cbs 5 and for election coverage. that includes live up-to-the- minute election night results from around the nation, california and, of course, the bay area. 5:37 now. one week after superstorm sandy hit the east coast, it is facing more bad weather now. a nor'easter in the forecast is going to bring nasty weather this week to the east coast. this morning, more new york subways are back in operation as gasoline still is very hard
5:38 am
to find there. power slowly being restored though with 1.4 million outages still reported. over the weekend many people got their first look at their devastated neighborhoods. >> these are marathoners, probably not even staten islanders. look what they are doing. >> people in staten island come out to cheer us on every year so the least we can do is help them out. >> some of the marathoners pitched in instead of running. more than 50,000 people in new jersey have applied for fema assistance and fema has already approved more than $30 million in payments. and we are proud to announce that our parent company, cbs corporation, has contributed a million dollars to the american red cross and in addition cbs corporation will match any contributions that are made by its employees to any sandy related relief effort by making an additional contribution to the american red cross. >> everyone stepping up coming together to help all these victims. >> especially the marathoners. that could have been such an
5:39 am
ugly scene. they canceled it. a lot of runners were there anyway so they helped. >> neat. you know a guy that is looking mighty good today because you delivered the best weekend ever. >> that may be as good as it gets until the remainder of the year. >> beautiful yesterday. >> what's interesting this week, we could see some record- breaking temperatures today and this week maybe snow on our mountaintops so that's going to be something else. what changes we have in store enjoy the beautiful weather today while we have it. it is gorgeous out there toward the afternoon. lots of sunshine expected. waking up to mostly clear skies over the bay although we are seeing some patchy dense fog in some of the north bay valleys. temperatures right now a chilly 48 degrees with fog into santa rosa. san jose clear at 53 degrees, clear skies and 59, fairly mild into san francisco. and 51 in concord. high pressure overhead. we have the offshore winds that's clearing out most of your skies except the north bay valleys and it's also going to bring with it record-breaking heat by the afternoon. these temperatures very impressive. here's a list of the records from before:
5:40 am
this afternoon temperatures 1 to 3 degrees above the record and higher temperatures tomorrow. after that big changes and snow on the way in the mountains. >> look at that. could be some messy morning commutes this week. well, unfortunately, even though it's dry outside we are starting to get some accidents coming in including one along the peninsula. if you are traveling close to candlestick, northbound 101 we are just getting word of an accident involving a pickup truck and a garbage truck. it may still be blocking the right lane. and at last check, chp gave the initial word that garbage trucks may be on fire so that's northbound 101 approaching candlestick. we cannot see any major delays in our live camera in that area but we'll let you know if it starts to back up. another accident westbound 580 approaching the dublin interchange is in the center divide. and let's go out quickly towards fremont. this is some breaking news in the east bay we have been
5:41 am
following. an officer-involved shooting under investigation this morning. police killed a man late last night responding to a domestic violence call and there are a number of street closures in that area, the biggest central avenue closed between glenmore drive and dusterberry way while the investigation continues and at this point, we don't have an estimated time when they are going to pick up those flares and open the road. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. today is the second day of a strike against raley's grocery stores in northern california and nevada. the walkout began after contract talks broke off yesterday. the issues are medical benefits, elimination of premium pay for working on sunday, and a proposed pay freeze. >> okay with the freeze. we just want to keep what we have and keep the medical that we have, with the union. but they want to take that away. basically, no medical on retirement. >> raley's says it needs to cut costs. this is the first strike in the
5:42 am
77-year history of the company. bay area stargazers, the best chance to see two meteor showers this week. >> a pilot's close call caught on tape by his wife. the near miss with an suv. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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the pilot was landing his ca caught on tape a small plane clipping the stop of a volvo suv. the pilot was landing a cessna skyhawk at a small airport in southern california. the pilot's wife wanted to get it on video to mark the end of his first cross-country flight. well, the landing gear clipped the car, landed and skidded off a runway in a grass eve area. the pilot and the couple in the car are okay. >> very lucky. i know. >> guess so. stock futures are lower this morning on this monday as well as the street getting ready as to start a new week. >> wall street. >> there we go. >> you get the gist of it. >> trading begins in just about 45 minutes. and ashley morrison of joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i know where you were going, frank. >> appreciate that. >> reporter: happy monday. investors overseas waited on
5:46 am
the sidelines ahead of the u.s. presidential election. in asia tokyo's nikkei's dipped .5%, hong kong's hang seng the same. wall street ended the storm shortened week on a shower note. shares of airline and insurance companies led the sell-off on concerns that sandy will hurt their earnings. the dow lost 139 points on friday. the nasdaq was down 37. and while sandy is shaping up to be the second costliest storm in u.s. history, the price of rebuilding could actually boost the economy. some economists say we might see a lift in the first month of 2013 as construction workers are hired to rebuild damaged buildings, roads and bridges. increases in construction often lead to boost this is other industries including architecture, real estate and retail sales. economists also say there could be a bump in auto manufacturing due to the number of cars destroyed in the storm. and, of course, nothing would make up for the devastation we have seen from all this. but there's at least some bit of positive news coming out of it with some jobs being
5:47 am
created. >> i remember the shot of all the cabs all under water at one point about 100. i know a lot of cars hurting out that way. >> boeing's latest jumbo jet completed its first commercial flight the dreamliner. >> the 787 dreamliner touched down at chicago's o'hare airport on sunday. the ual flight carried about 200 passengers from houston. boeing has sold more than 800 dream liners to airlines around the world but production problems have delayed delivery for more than three years. that dreamliner is more like a nightmare for them. it's been a struggle. so good to see that it actually took flight there. >> very good. okay. ashley morrison of on a monday, we thank you. have a good week. >> you, too. meteor showers could light the sky on fire over the next couple of weeks. quite a display in the bay area. but not as spectacular as it was last month but scientists say there is a good chance you
5:48 am
will see fireballs shooting stars, starting tonight. tonight through november 12th should be the best viewing with prime time around 2 or 3 a.m. which is about our typical time up. >> we should go out and take a look. >> that is good news for us. over the next cup days we have the leonid meteor showers in the middle of the week. looks like we are in for great weather. we are going to see lots of sunshine outside. starting out with a couple of patches of fog as we look toward the north bay valleys early on some of that very thick this morning, temperatures mainly in the 50s. by the afternoon we're enjoying some temperatures like we're probably not going tort reminder of the year. some 80s showing up ear near the coastline some record- breaking heat possible as this big dome of high pressure sits overhead. that's going to crank these temperatures up with that offshore wind so record- breaking heat looking likely toward the latter part of the day. temperatures running 2 to 3 degrees above previous records but big changes after that. around the state nice, as well.
5:49 am
86 degrees in redding. 80 sacramento. 64 lake tahoe. 79 in yosemite. we have some big changes coming up in the next few days, maybe we start talking about some snow. how about 83 degrees today in san jose? about 80 in half moon bay. that would be something else. 79 in pacifica. good beach weather there. 80s showing up in many of the valleys as high as 82 in napa and about 85 degrees in pleasanton. inside the bay 81 in san francisco. that would be a record. about 80 in oakland. and about 85 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days some of the nicest days of the week. then we cool down quite a bit wednesday. thursday and friday chance of showers returns. cold enough that we could see a couple of snowflakes on the logical mountaintops. >> from 80s to snow. thanks, lawrence. outside, we're seeing a couple of problems on the roads including coming up the bay bridge. look at this camera, a tight squeeze coming up the incline section on the upper deck into san francisco. it's because of a stall just reported near the "s" curve so right before treasure island. it is starting to cause some
5:50 am
delays. they have not turned on the metering lights yet but they may early if they don't get this cleared soon. again that stall isk blogging one right lane of westbound 80. so we're also watching this problem spot. it was a truck fire. it sounds like a garbage truck versus pickup truck northbound 101 approaching candlestick. at last check they now have two of the right lanes blocked off. it's still so early and traffic is still so light we're not seeing any big delays. we will let you know as soon as we see any changes but in the meantime, two lanes are blocked there. westbound 580 we have quite a bit of brake lights through the altamont pass all the way towards the dublin interchange. we had one earlier fender- bender approaching 680. that is now completely cleared. and a quick check of the silicon valley ride. westbound 237 actually looks pretty good right now coming around the bend. you can see no delay leaving milpitas towards san jose. always a good idea to use mass transit. so far is on time for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. that's a check of your
5:51 am
"timesaver traffic." back to you guys >> thank you. it's 5:51 now. the california supreme court issued a rare sunday order allowing the state political watchdog to identify people who contributed to a mysterious arizona-based group. that group has put $11 million towards two california campaigns, the no on prop 30 governor brown's tax plan and yes on 32 which would curb union campaign donations. the group refused to turn over its records by yesterday's deadline saying it does plan to appeal. state officials are trying to determine if the arizona group violated any regulations. coming up at 6:45, "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa will be onset to talk about the close race for prop 30 and what happens if it fails. that's all coming your way shortly. 5:51 now. a giant distraction. >> just how many kids skipped school to see the world series victory parade? >> and a slithery surprise. the shock for one couple who opened up a storage unit coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
starting out with patchy dense fog in the north bay in valley. get ready for records by the afternoon. >> and we're following an injury accident and truck fire right now along the peninsula northbound 101 by candlestick park. lanes are blocked and we are starting to see delays. much more "timesaver traffic" coming up. construction of the santa clara 49ers football stadium is set to hit another significant milestone today. this baby is going up in a hurry. check it out. crews are scheduled to install the first of more than 2,000 concrete sections. they will be used for the stadium's riders, walls and about 10,000 steps for seating and risers. the steel framework is already 60% complete.
5:55 am
and the numbers still coming in after last week's world series parade for the giants. the team says it used 1 1/2 tons of confetti on wednesday. also an estimated 4100 kids did not show up for class in san francisco's schools that day. might have been a good idea to call that a holiday. >> imagine cleaning all that confetti. >> they got it up quick. >> i was impressed. check it out. a shocking surprise at a storage locker in washington. >> he is real! oh, my gosh! >> oh, my gosh is right! a 15-foot boa constrictor after capturing a few moments on camera a pair of brothers called animal control and even he called for backup when he saw the size of this snake! the two animal officers eventually managed to wrangle him into a cardboard box. what was he eating inside there? >> that's what i was wondering. i don't know. but ew. >> looks healthy. >> not something i would want to see when we open a door. >> i don't like snakes. >> no.
5:56 am
it's 5:55. in the next half hour, the next threat for victims of sandy. the storm aimed at the east coast just in time for the election. >> and it's a fight to the finish. we are have a live report as the presidential candidates battle for swing states in the final hours of their campaigns. >> we're no longer relevant now. breaking news fremont. a major street is closed while police investigate an officer involves shooting. we just got some more new details. i'll have those for you coming up.
5:57 am
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. right now a major street closed in fremont after a deadly police shooting. why officers opened fire on a naked man wielding a knife. >> it's the final mad dash for votes. the presidential candidates fight to the end for those key swing states. >> we could see record-breaking heat and snow in the hills all this week. we'll talk

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